Professional Home Organizers near Des Plaines, Illinois

It’s time to move into a smaller home. Now what? The act of going through your possessions in their entirety and deciding what to keep and what to lose can be extremely difficult on your own. When we at Smith & Joans come into your home, it’s with that understanding. 

We take great care in helping you figure out how much will fit into your new home and thoughtfully deciding what you’d like to bring with you and how to make it happen. As home organizers in the Des Plaines area, we bring years of experience and care into our work. Beyond simply deciding what stays and what goes, we help you discard old items via donations, recycling, estate sales, etc. What’s more, the proceeds from estate sales typically cover our fee, making this a simple decision, financially. Finally, we have a professional home cleaner come in so that you can leave a clean slate for the new owner.

Smith & Joans is with you from start to finish, taking the stress out of what could otherwise be a stressful time. If you’re ready for professional home organizing help, call Smith & Joans today.