Professional Home Organizers Near Evanston, IL

If you are selling your home and moving to a smaller place or simply removing the clutter, our team makes scaling down easy. At Smith & Joans Shrinking Homes we are professional home organizers in Evanston, IL. Our specialty is in de-cluttering, unpacking, and organizing. We are the team you need to feel a new sense of clarity with your belongings together with maintaining a steady as well as functional home and lifestyle. We can organize any area in your home. It doesn’t matter if you need help completely packing or unpacking or setting belongings up from a move, we will make you feel in control. 


The Complete Package 


While helping you deal with the clutter menace is what we do best, we offer a wide range of services to eliminate the headache. Talk to us and let us know what you want to achieve and our team will be happy to help with what you need. We can help with move management, house staging during sale and clearing estates. We work hard so that you can enjoy your peace of mind whether you are at a happy or trying stage in your life. Our in-house team will take over everything from start to finish. What is more, we will leave your home broom clean. 


We understand that it can be hard deciding on what to keep and what to discard. Our team will help you decide what fits into the new place, what you should get rid of and what you need to donate. We also help make arrangements for the donations. 


At Smith & Joans Shrinking Homes we take great pride in being the home organizers Evanston, IL that hundreds of homeowners turn to when de-cluttering, moving and getting ready to sell. Contact us today for a consultation. We have the resources you need to simplify the overwhelming process of scaling down.