A few kind words…


“At the time, an estate sale was not an option for us as we were living in a high-rise in the West Loop. We were making a cross-country move to a home half the size, so most of our high-end, custom made possessions were not coming with us. Our realtor in Evanston recommended Smith & Joans as a company that could handle our unwanted home ware. Once we decided to work together, we let them take the reins, which meant relocating our furniture to an estate sale in Winnetka. The items that were not sold were consigned or sold online. In the end, every piece was spoken for and—I don’t know how we could have done it without them. Joanie thanks so much!”

Regina M.


“They were absolutely right, all we had to do was close the door behind us and everything else just magically disappeared. I can’t tell you how comforting that was for our dad. He couldn’t believe what they accomplished in our very short time frame. Within five days, they packed us up, organized a sale, moved items to a charity, hauled away everything and had his home cleaned. We were very pleased. They really know what they are doing. I would not hesitate to recommend Joanie & Mary Lou to anyone who has a move in their future.”

Beth J.


“We have been extremely pleased working with Joanie and Mary Lou this past year. They have helped three of our clients in the last six months clear out and clean their homes in anticipation of putting the homes on the market. The end results have been amazing and have enabled us to market these homes successfully. 

Joanie and Mary Lou are wonderful listeners, easy to work with, and have a crew at their disposal to complete the job at hand. We would not hesitate to recommend them as they have lessened the stress of moving for our clients, which is much appreciated!”

Sandra Brown, Broker
Geoff Brown, Broker


“We were moving my mother to a retirement home. The hardest part was deciding what would go with her and what was to be left behind. Mary Lou and Joanie knew how to approach my mother. They had a way that just seemed to ease her anxieties. Everything was done just as they said it would be. We moved and their team took care of all the remaining furniture, etc. so the new owners were able to move in on schedule. We were extremely happy that they were recommended to us. Ladies, thanks for all your hard work.”

Sheila and Steven P.


“Enter Smith & Joans and all your moving troubles are gone!! They had all the resources to make our move extremely satisfactory. Our plan was to relocate to Seattle before school started and against all odds, it really did happen. When we packed up, we had no doubt that everything was going to fall into place. They most definitely lived up to our expectations. If you are planning an unconventional move, please call Smith & Joans to tackle any situation.”

Debbie & Malcolm S.


“They helped us decide what fit into our new space and found a way to sell or consign what remained. They had so many resources at their fingertips and a web of connections; most likely from living in this area for six generations!”

Sam Y.


“When Smith & Joans walked into our house, we had no idea how simple they would make our move to The Mather. Living in the same house for 43 years, my wife and I had collected many, many years of traveling memorabilia. Obviously not everything was coming with us and our children said, “No thanks.” They found homes for everything, which made my wife very happy. You won’t regret hiring Mary Lou & Joanie. We have recommended them to all of our friends who will face similar moves.”

Alfred K.


“Please hire Smith & Joans. They know what they are doing. They took a personal interest in our family and we will never forget their compassion after my father died. My mother was very grateful.”

Nancy and Maryanne